Jana Kutin , Ph.D., Dr.Sc., took her first notes of poetic speech soon after she joined Moscow Energetic Institute. Later, she studied writing and composition at the Gorky Literature Institute and mathematics at Moscow State University. While working in computer science and geophysics, she continued collecting intellectual folklore and was able to unearth a number of poems which are otherwise unique for the project (e.g. a common-type source to the famous convict elegy "I Remember the Vanino Port"). In recent years, Jana was editing Revolutions of Russia, a book on the inspiring and tragic career of Ola Shatunovsky which has Ola's unpublished memoirs as its core.

Andrej Broido, Ph.L., began taking notes of folk songs while attending Moscow High School #2 for Physics and Math. He studied mathematics and linguistics at Moscow State University, and collected folk poetry while working for the Moscow State University Geology Department, Aerogeological Expedition (which boasts songwriter Vladimir Turiyansky as one of its long-time employees), Moscow Math School #57, and other institutions. His contributions to Boyan collections consist of elegies, ballads, and soldiers' and students' folklore. He also wrote some 40 poems of his own. Currently Andrej is publishing Russians' Poetic Speech collections in Russia and the US.

Yakov Broido, M.Sc., started his collection of Russian folklore in the army. His contributions include numerous observations of modern soldier, student and rural folk poetry done in 1987-1992, during his army service and subsequent ethnographic studies at Moscow State University. Currently Yakov is studying in Jerusalem.

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